Conditioning many Gro-Blocks for Scale

How do you condition large amounts of Grodan Gro-Block at a commercial scale?

The initial soak of the Gro-blocks is critical for early root development. Uniform saturation of the blocks at the start is necessary because if you do not wet parts of the blocks at the onset it may never retain water correctly and will not support proper root growth. This makes the first watering event a precursor to successful early plant development.

Top watering of plants can be an efficient way to condition a large volume of blocks on a commercial scale. Submerging Gro-blocks is a full proof way to insure complete saturation but it may not be the most productive use of water and labor for commercial growers.

How do you condition blocks with top watering?

  • Position the blocks close together in a tray or area that has access to drainage. ( pic1.)
  • Using a coarse spray you will need to make 3 to 4 applications. (pic 2)
  • When transplanting, use the same strength PH adjusted nutrient solution to soak the Gro-blocks as you were feeding the transplants. (0.5-1.5 EC /50 to 750 PPM   –   PH 5.5 to 6.5)
  • It is important to wet the block at a steady pace (walking speed) The water must have enough time to penetrate the blocks through to the bottom. Supplying a large amount of water in one go will not lead to a better result. It is better to divide the total amount between 4 less voluminous watering sessions
  • Blocks may appear to be wet and then prove to have absorbed an insufficient amount of water after all.
  • You can weigh blocks before and after wetting to insure complete saturation.
  • You must weigh several blocks, in different areas to make sure they are uniform.
  • Complete saturation of the blocks is essential!!!

Figure #1:

Figure #2:



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