Advancing with the Industry

You may have noticed lately that Grodan has publicly embraced working in the legal cannabis market. We, like many in the industry, have come out of the shadows and into the spotlight to help the industry move forward.  It seems like a simple statement, but one that took many by surprise. Grodan has historically been more associated with growing greenhouse vegetables, a traditionally conservative market.

It’s true that most of the Grodan technology that is used in the cannabis market has been developed for the vegetable growers and adapted in a multitude of different ways. The larger blocks (six-inch and bigger) were developed specifically for cannabis crops. Over years of research, Grodan has narrowed down the best practices and configurations of products that are ideally suited to individual vegetable and flower crops and successfully applied them to cannabis.

Now, for the first time in our history, Grodan has begun trials at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in The Netherlands specifically testing various strains of cannabis plants with different configurations of our products.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “what is the best setup for growing cannabis in Grodan,” and up to this point we have shared the success stories of growers and have used our expertise in commercial scale vegetable growing. Many growers were seeing excellent results in every configuration imaginable, but now we will have comprehensive data based on these trials.

In addition to testing with current products, we are also testing future products that are yielding improved performance. You generally don’t think of stonewool as being a technical product, but great advancements have been made in the performance of Grodan over the years and new improvements on the horizon promise to aid growers to achieve even greater yields and efficiencies.

These are exciting times for everyone in the industry. Not only have we been a pioneer for 47 years, but Grodan has also committed to leading the way into the future of growing.

By Ryan Halvorsen



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